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OKC Public Schools Travel


All About Travel is proud to work with the Oklahoma City Public Schools.  Before we can book your travel we need to get some information from you, so please download the PDF form below to get started.

1)      Click link to begin download.

2)      Complete form as best you can with the information you have.

3)      Save completed form to your computer.

4)      Attach completed form to an email and send it to

You can also print the completed form and fax it to 405-384-3888

Thank you

Please note that the quote we provide to you should be used for budgetary purposes only, and
All About Travel will ALWAYS book the most economical airfare available at the time of booking.


Click below to get the Dynamic Savable Form
Once completed you can SAVE and email to

Dynamic - Savable - Travel Request Form    

If you are having trouble with this form, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader.  If that does not help, try using another web browser.  FireFox seems to work best.  If while trying to access this from you get a white page that says "Please wait...", you can right click on that page and save to your desktop.  It will save the pdf file named - OKCPS-Travel-Quote-AAT-09.28.2022.pdf  - and then you will be able to open it from your desktop.

  Download Adobe Reader                Download FireFox web browers

*** Make sure to uncheck the "Optional offers" in the middle
of the Adobe page so you don't install McAfee software.***

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