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Anje Vela

Anje Vela
Anje Vela handled accounts receivables/payables between 1988-1993 for All About Travel. She then moved to Baltimore, MD, then to Nashville, TN to work in the music industry at King Records. In 1999 she moved to San Francisco, CA where she worked at a top ad firm and also worked in the music industry as a music promoter, event planner & handled marketing. She has been working for her family's agency again full time since 2010. Growing up around the travel industry gave Anje a great passion and love for traveling, visiting places such as Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Budapest, Bruges, Paris and multiple Mexico & U.S. destinations. She loves cruising and has visited numerous Caribbean destinations, Canada and New England, as well as the slower paced river cruises in Europe. In addition to Marketing, she loves working one on one with clients planning vacations and honeymoons.